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Detect and visualize leaks in a Tyre manufacturing process via Fluke ii900

Tyre Manufacturing

Nitrogen, steam, and compressed air are widely used in the Tyre manufacturing process. In the curing phase, steam is used to implement 8 bar pressure to liquify rubber compounds…

Analyzing the pwer quality of overheated transformer with Fluke Power Quality Analyzer & Multimeter

Overheated Transformer

Transformer insulation is generally rated for 220°C but may be lower for some designs including control or encapsulated. Standards permit the temperature of the transformer…

Automotive Testing with Fluke DMM

Automotive Testing

Electronics have replaced mechanical systems as major contributors to automotive control and performance — and a major cause of repair issues. Popular hybrid vehicles…

F-393fc_43a_w-Sapphire Technologies

PV System

The number of solar installations around the country is growing faster each year, creating an ever-increasing demand for technicians who know how to troubleshoot photovoltaic (PV) systems efficiently and effectively.



Switchyard is a switching station which is the main link between the generating plant and the transmission system. It can be considered as the heart of the power plant, the generated power will only be worthy if it can be transmitted and…


Electric Motor Efficiency And Reliability

Electric motors are the key component in many industrial processes and can account for up to 70 % of the total energy consumed in an industrial…