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Switchboard Matting

Switchboard Matting is permanently placed in front of switchgear, motor control centers, and other high voltage apparatus to provide personal protection for workers. It is also used when tending take-up and pay-out reels and when adding or replacing conductors. Features & Benefits: ● Made from high-quality Type II material, Class 2 matting is 1/4” (6.4mm) thick and is tested to 20kV, and Class 4 matting is 1/2” thick and tested to 40kV. Both Classes of matting comply with ASTM D178, Class 2, and Class 4 specifications. The corrugated surface acts as a safety tread while reducing the possibility of metal particles becoming embedded. Class 2 Switchboard matting is available in 25-yard rolls or custom cut to specified lengths, while Class 4 matting is sold in 20 yard rolls only. ● Maximum Use AC Voltage Class 2, 17,000 volts: Class 4, 36,000 volts.